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Dear Families and Friends,   

Welcome to The Children’s Center at Mulberry, which has had the privilege of serving children and their families since 2007 as we remain faithful to our core mission of nurturing the whole child! We are driven to cultivate intellectual knowledge and practical skills along with social, emotional, and spiritual growth. In everything we do, we strive to balance honored traditions with exciting innovations to lay the surest foundation for an unparalleled love of learning.  For more than fifteen years, The Children’s Center at Mulberry has provided a loving environment that nurtures children, supports families, and prepares students for kindergarten and beyond. We are honored to have had hundreds of families select us as their chosen educator for their young children since our doors opened to the community.  


Early childhood is a time for curiosity, play, and growth (and not just their height, weight, and head circumference). The curriculum at The Children’s Center at Mulberry emphasizes learning through play and involves hands-on activities that reflect the Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards (GELDS). These standards for early childhood education focus on critical attributes such as motor skills; social and emotional development; approaches to play and learning; communication, language and literacy; and cognitive development and thinking skills. With the GELDS and other research-based studies and materials, our innovative teachers provide creative learning pathways that allow students to hone important life skills and find great pleasure in learning.  The Children’s Center at Mulberry appreciates the immeasurable influence of our teachers and staff. Our dedicated teachers stand committed to establishing healthy relationships and loving classroom environments that allow every child to flourish.


Thoughtfully designed activities engage students in curiosity, critical thinking, imagination, and early lessons in teamwork. With an emphasis on learning through play, The Children’s Center at Mulberry’s teachers and staff invest not only in what students are learning but also in who they are becoming and their understanding that they are deeply loved by God and their families.  Founded on strong Christian values, our curriculum prioritizes character education in addition to academic readiness and physical development. Our 3K graduates enter pre-K and kindergarten with the social skills and self-awareness necessary to face the challenges ahead and to contribute positively wherever they land and in whatever circumstances.  


I invite you to explore our website to learn more about our programs, but I also encourage you to visit our facility and witness the utter delight present inside our classrooms. At the heart of The Children’s Center at Mulberry is a connected community of students, parents, and teachers. I look forward to meeting you and partnering with you on this leg of your child’s educational journey!  



Erin Darley


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