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Safety & Security Policy

Critical to earning the trust of parents is our commitment to having a safe and secure campus for their little ones. That starts with our hiring decisions as we undertake stringent criminal background checks and character reference checks for our staff, both classroom and administrative employees. All of our staff undergo annual training for pediatric CPR and stay up to date on best practices for early child care learning. We have cameras available in all classrooms and on the playground for real-time surveillance by administrators and for use in investigating any concerns raised about classroom or playground activities. While we cannot have administrators watch these cameras 24/7, the video footage is made available for review by licensing assessors and law enforcement in the event an incident is investigated. As with any business locale, moreover, the mere presence of cameras is a significant motivator for bad actors not to take a chance at our facility. 


To enter our premises, staff and parents employ unique pin codes at external doors, and children are “checked in” by staff upon arrival as well. Parents designate specific adults who are permitted to pick up their children, and through our regular interaction with our students’ families, we recognize those adults so authorized.  


Mulberry Street United Methodist Church likewise has invested in safety and security measures to protect our employees, students, and families, most recently with the installation of externally mounted video cameras and bright lighting in parking areas and courtyard. When we co-host events with MSUMC or are guests at the church’s events, an off-duty law enforcement officer is paid by MSUMC to be present on site to protect participants as well. 


If you have any questions about the safety and security measures that we have put into place to protect our staff and children, please reach out to Erin Darley, Director, at

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