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Faculty & Staff

Our teachers at The Children’s Center at Mulberry set us apart with some in service with us now for fifteen years or longer, having watched the children they have loved and nurtured here go on to excel in elementary, middle, and high school. We celebrate their commitment to early childhood learning and their loyalty particularly to The Children’s Center at Mulberry! Through their creativity and enthusiasm, our teachers inspire our children to be their best, to love learning wholeheartedly, to care deeply about others, and to be curious about the world. These teachers are the foundation of our success over these last fifteen years and are the primary reason that families all over central Georgia desire for their young children to be enrolled at The Children’s Center at Mulberry from the earliest age possible. 


Additionally, The Children’s Center at Mulberry is led by an administrative team that keeps the trains running on time and on track! The administrators interface with families from the first tour of The Children’s Center at Mulberry through a child’s “first day” and, later, graduation from 3K, communicating with parents along the way on operational matters such as policies, procedures, and tuition payments but also on developmental milestones with teachers’ feedback. Our administrators ensure the success of The Children’s Center at Mulberry by being excellent stewards of our resources, supporting our teachers daily, and promoting a culture of teamwork, collaboration, creativity, and excellence. 

teachers help preschool students at table
teacher gives bottle to infant
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