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Mulberry Street UMC

The Children’s Center at Mulberry is an important ministry of Mulberry Street United Methodist Church (MSUMC) in Downtown Macon where nothing but a church has ever been built at the corner of Mulberry and First Streets. The Children's Center at Mulberry is housed on the MSUMC campus inside the Education Building, constructed and dedicated in 1928 to use “for God and Our Children.”  


The Children’s Center at Mulberry and MSUMC have worked collaboratively in support of one another for over fifteen years, to the great benefit of both organizations. While many of our students also attend MSUMC, our doors are open to applicants of all religious backgrounds. Some of the members of the Board of Managers are drawn from MSUMC, as are volunteers for our special educational programs and open houses, and MSUMC’s local mission work within Macon Outreach at Mulberry is supported by our families with periodic food and clothing drives. Importantly, MSUMC also supports our working parents with opportunities to deepen their own faith and to learn how to parent in grace and love. 

MSUMC supports CCM with Easter bags
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